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Mega Trading is a trading company providing the best in SATO AUTOMOTIVE EQUIPMENT at very competitive prices direct from SATO AUTOMOTIVE EQUIPMENT  factory in the Indonesia.

Mega Trading  is owned by an Indonesia man, Mr. Simon Mulyadi Triadji. He spent many years working for one of the  Singapore’s  major electronics groups supporting their international business. He resigned  in 2005 and started up Mega Trading  at the mid of 2005. 

Mega Trading  adheres to the highest standards in terms of quality and ethical codes of practice and offers a full customers satisfaction and warranty policy in the unlikely event that the quality of our products don't  meet international standards.

We fully understand the risks and concerns of trading through the  internet and aim to appease any worries through complete  transparency, honesty as well as providing a top quality customer  service. In short we aim to service your needs from first contact  all the way until you receive your order.

Hitherto we still look for company which will become single distributor of us in every state in all the world.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our available products and look  forward to doing business with you!


Warmest regards,

Simon Mulyadi Triadji.


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