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Mr Snow Foam Machine

MS 30L, SS30L, SS70L

Available model

MS30L, SS30L, SS70 L.

Pressure 2 - 3.2 bar.

Max pressure 4 bar.


Now you can get your car as clean as snow at Mr. Snow.

A manual car wash that uses the latest foam technology for a cleaner, better wash than ever before.

Pre wash, your car will be jet-sprayed with a layer of wash and shampoo, then jet-rinsed and hand dried.

Try it today and see the difference! With the largest network of snow wash sites available in Indonesia, there is no excuse for a dirty car.

Mr. Snow is a differentiated product, a spray snow washing that has replaced automatic machines without using any electricity.

Since its introduction, sales have increased tenfold.

The sight of a car being full slush with thick, snow-white foam, before it is manually wiped, tug at the kids.

Adults, having paid dearly for their cars due to the unique system in Mr. Snow, reckon the snow wash is safer, brighter, and cleaner than conventional car washes.

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